Meet the ACS Habitat Management Team


Greg Omori – President/Program Director

Greg Omori is ACS Habitat Management’s President and Program Director with 25+ years of experience managing sensitive habitat restoration efforts and invasive species control projects throughout the Southwestern United States.  Mr. Omori provides oversight for large-scale invasive weed treatment projects, including the deployment of resources, quality control, landowner relations and rights of entry, permits and all facets of contract requirements.  He also provides oversight for habitat enhancement projects ranging from the revegetation of wetland, riparian and upland habitat, to the development of vernal pools and complex erosion control projects in coastal and riparian environments.  Mr. Omori is a California Department of Pesticide Regulation Pest Control Adviser and holds a Qualified Applicator licenses as well as a California Contractor’s C-27 License.  He graduated from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo with a degree is Crop Science.


Skyler Bishop – Sr. Project Manager/GIS Manager

Skyler Bishop has been with ACS Habitat Management for 8+ years and is the lead project manager for the firm’s habitat restoration, enhancement and invasive weed control projects.  Mr. Bishop plans and manages resources and logistics, resolves landowner conflicts and secures permits and rights of entry permissions for large-scale habitat restoration efforts for clients such as the Department of Navy, National Forest Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and various Resource Conservation Districts and regional conservation groups.  A skilled and experienced GIS Specialist, Mr. Bishop oversees ACS Habitat Managements data management and GIS support for projects which include developing project design criteria, data collection methodology and geodatabase design.  Mr. Bishop works closely with clients to better understand their needs and ensure that all contact components meet expectations.  He graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies/Natural History.


Graydon Dill – Botanist/GIS Specialist

Graydon Dill is ACS Habitat Management’s lead plant biologist with experience in multiple facets of environmental science.  Mr. Dill has performed detailed plant surveys in many habitats throughout the state of California and has a high level of proficiency in both native and non-native plant identification.  Mr. Dill’s professional experience as a plant biologist includes extensive field work throughout California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, Southern California’s chaparral, coastal sage scrub, pine and hardwood forests, and coastal habitats including sensitive dune areas.  Mr. Dill has extensive water quality data collection and monitoring experience and is responsible for calibrating equipment, collecting samples and submitting lab samples for analysis for ACS Habitat Management.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Geography/Environmental Planning and a Minor in Biology.


Jessie Vinje – Sr. Biologist

Jessie Vinje is a biologist with 15+ years of professional experience in field biology, plant biology, ecology, and land management throughout California.  She has a strong background in coastal and desert ecology, plant and wildlife biology, and desert and coastal natural resource management and restoration and currently holds USFW and CDFW permits for monitoring least Bell’s vireo and California gnatcatcher.  Ms. Vinje has extensive experience in environmental document preparation (i.e., biological technical reports, environmental assessments, and environmental impact statements/reports), project analysis, scoping, agency coordination, and permitting.  She graduated from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo with a degree in Forestry and National Resources Management.


Maryanne Bache – Biologist

Maryanne Bache is a biologist and avian field monitor with extensive experience monitoring for the California least tern, western snowy plover, light-footed clapper rail, Belding’s savannah sparrow, California gnatcatcher and the least Bell’s vireo.   She also has experience with brown-headed cowbird trapping projects.  Ms. Bache is an accomplished plant specialist and helps with both native and non-native plant identification.  She graduated from the University of California San Diego with a degree in Biology, where she also completed the Natural Resource Management Certificate Program.


Carol McKie Manning – Biologist

Carol McKie Manning is a biologist and avian field monitor with extensive experience monitoring for the California gnatcatcher, southwestern willow flycatcher and the least Bell’s vireo in riparian habitat.  She has also taken part in brow-headed cowbird trapping projects.  She has logged thousands of hours monitoring for California least terns and western snowy plovers in Coastal Dune habitat.  Ms. Manning is also plant specialist who assists in native and non-native plant identification and helps manage revegetation projects.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Biology.


Tracy Omori – Office Manager

Tracy Omori has been with ACS Habitat Management for 20+ years and serves as the firm’s Office Manager.  She oversees customer accounts, accounts payable/receivable and contract administration.  Ms. Omori also manages ACS Habitat Management’s Human Resources and payroll.


John Shockley – Field Director

John Shockley has 25+ years of experience in the field of invasive weed control and landscape maintenance.  He manages ACS Habitat Management’s day-to-day labor force logistics and provides oversight and direction for Crew Supervisors.  With extensive experience in irrigation and native plant restoration, Mr. Shockley is responsible for designing restoration site watering strategies and scheduling their routine maintenance.


Field Supervisors, Equipment Operators and Field Technicians

ACS Habitat Management’s expertly trained staff of field superiors, equipment operators and field technicians has extensive experience working on diverse and challenging projects in a multitude of habitat types.  With skill and knowledge of weed control, native planting, erosion control, tractor operation and numerous other tasks, our crew is able to provide specialized services on even the most challenging projects.  ACS Habitat Management’s staff has numerous qualifications including First Aid & CPR certifications, Safe Pesticide Handling and Qualified Applicator certifications, commercial driver’s licenses, and numerous other applicable training including GPS mapping and survey techniques.