San Nicolas Island Exotic Plant Control




ACS Habitat Management has been working on California’s Channel Islands for more than a decade. An example is the work we have done preserving San Nicolas Island’s unique and delicate habitat. Our crew members and managers have an intimate knowledge of the island’s unique geography and sensitive habitats, as well as of the non-native, invasive plant species that threaten them. ACS Habitat Management has successfully performed the following actions on San Nicolas Island:

  • 10+ years of non-native, invasive species control including near eradication of the once prevalent fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), and diligent control efforts focused on Saharan mustard (Brassica tournefortii).
  • First to respond to the highly invasive and recently discovered carnation spurge (Eupohorbia terracina).
  • Managed a native plant nursery refurbishment project on island, allowing for the propagation of locally collected seeds to use for restoration efforts.
  • Managed the installation of 1,300+ native plants propagated from locally collected seed at the Thousand Springs restoration site.