Santa Ana River Flood Control Project Mitigation

In 2011 ACS Habitat Management initiated a large-scale arundo removal and restoration project for the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Santa Ana River above Prado Dam. The project targeted the removal of 250 acres of arundo and other non-native invasives, followed by a 5 year restoration, monitoring and maintenance regime to ensure successfully site recovery. ACS Habitat Management was involved in the following tasks related to this project:

  • Baseline vegetation and biological monitoring to establish success criteria, followed by continued monitoring throughout the project’s duration.
  • Community outreach and education, town-hall style meeting and recreation trail reestablishment within and adjacent to the project area.
  • Manual biomass reduction of arundo throughout the 250 acre site.
  • Aggressive herbicide and manual invasive plant species control throughout the 250 acre site.
  • Active native plant restoration and comprehensive site maintenance for the duration of the 5-year project.